Additional products

Footrest Footrest Price: 35 EUR + VAT
Faucet and shower set Faucet and shower set Price: 62 EUR + VAT
Mechanism for head bowl Mechanism for head bowl Price: 62 EUR + VAT
Workchair Workchair Price: 50 EUR + VAT
Saddle work chair Saddle work chair Price: 67 EUR + VAT
Rolling cart Rolling cart Sale price: 37 EUR + VAT 57 EUR
Booster seat for kids Booster seat for kids Price: 19 EUR + VAT
Neck pillow for bowls Neck pillow for bowls Price: 10 EUR + VAT
Protective cover for backrest Protective cover for backrest Price: 11 EUR + VAT
Armrest protective cover Armrest protective cover Price: 16 EUR + VAT
Rollers for work chairs Rollers for work chairs Price: 3 EUR + VAT
Hydraulic Hydraulic Price: 37 EUR + VAT
Base Base Price: 37 EUR + VAT
Black head bowl Black head bowl Price: 87 EUR + VAT
White head bowl White head bowl Price: 75 EUR + VAT