About us

Hairdressing furniture was born in 2007 and was considered an instant brand on the market even then.

Thanks to the ideology of quality at an affordable price and the original and youthful designs, it became a popular value among hairdressers, hair salons and beauty salons, not only in the domestic market, but also led to international growth. Today, our company's furniture is distributed in several countries and we have a distributor network. Having already implemented hundreds of hairdressing salons, we work passionately every day in order to support the professionalism of hairdressers and the beauty industry. Our wide selection includes head washing units, hairdresser's chairs, sofas that make waiting more comfortable, and waiting chairs, the biggest advantage of which is the variability in both style and color. You can choose from more than a hundred different materials and colors and these can even be combined within a piece of furniture. We also make work walls, dressing tables, reception counters and manicure tables for individual orders.

Our goal is to maintain our prestigious market-leading position in the Hungarian beauty industry segment, and for our furniture to be found in prestigious salons all over Europe.