Hydraulic chairs

Combine your furniture with any color of the rainbow.

Are you a fan of understated natural or earth tones? Or do you prefer bright, more pronounced and stimulating colors? Would you prefer it in two colors? Be creative and we'll make it happen.

Furniture made in Hungary.

Eco lábtartós fodrász szék NewEco lábtartós fodrász szék Price: 75.000 EUR + VAT
Classic hydraulic chair Classic hydraulic chair Price: 197 EUR + VAT
Cube Cube Price: 230 EUR + VAT
Ufo Ufo Price: 235 EUR + VAT
Cube2 Cube2 Price: 246 EUR + VAT
Elegant Elegant Price: 246 EUR + VAT
Metallic Metallic Price: 246 EUR + VAT
Shape Shape Price: 276 EUR + VAT
Allure Allure Price: 295 EUR + VAT
Fancy Fancy Price: 295 EUR + VAT
Royal fodrász szék Royal fodrász szék Price: 140.000 EUR + VAT